Warning! Russian 24funds scam with One Dollar Baby payment processor

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The fraudulent Tesler campaign is running today, among others, on the website https://voukrxanlr.xyz/tesler-3. Anyone who registers there is automatically also created as a victim at the Russian 24funds (www.24funds.io). Samiki Partners Ltd, registered in Commonwealth of Dominica with Company number 2021/IBC00043, is allegedly running this scam, a typical white-label mutation. However, we discovered a new Russian payment processor – the One Dollar Baby a/k/a ODB (www.1dollar.baby). What a great name, isn’t it?

One Dollar Baby payment processor

Anyone who selects the Texcent payment option in the 24funds scam is subsequently taken to One Dollar Baby‘s Telegram channel. There, you are greeted by the bot, which suggests you make the payment for 24funds. You are greeted with the name you used when registering for the Tesler campaign. A link leads you from the Telegram channel to the One Dollar Baby website (https://1dollar.baby/cloudpayment/#b77eeb9bcdf7bbcfe8e203efcdcaed73).

One can pay there either by credit or debit card or via Google Pay (GPay). Interesting process. One Dollar Baby is a Russian cloud payment processor.

Please do not fall for it. Stay far away from fraudulent campaigns like Tesler and the scams promoted by them.

If you have any information about Dsdaq and/or its operators please share it with our research team. You can use our whistleblower system for this purpose.

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